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Truly Great Coffee

It starts with the bean. A lot of research went into selecting a local Wisconsin roaster to work with and all our research pointed to Stone Creek Coffee. Stone Creek is based in Milwaukee and their knowledge of coffee and everything to do with making the perfect cup is impressive. 


We are happy and proud to offer Stone Creek Coffee at Stillwater, and we are excited to bring you the best cup of coffee to start your day.

            -Karen, Stillwater Coffee Company

Try Our COLD BREW Coffee....On Tap! 


There are many different ways to enjoy a cup of coffee and several ways to brew it, however, during the cold-brew process, time replaces heat. A batch of cold-brew takes about 18-24 hours to brew. 


A roasted coffee bean contains many compounds that are extracted during the brewing process. Some of those compounds, including certain oils and fatty acids, are soluble only at a high temperature. During the cold brew process, coffee beans are never exposed to high temperature. Putting it simply, cold water brewing extracts the delicious flavor compounds (and some of the caffeine) from coffee beans, but leaves behind the bitter oils and biting fatty acids, including undesirable elements. 

The cold brew process creates a perfectly balanced and distinctively smooth cup of coffee.

Enjoy a cold brew at Stillwater Coffee Company  -- straight up or over ice!


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

Stillwater Coffee Company brews Stone Creek Coffee every day. Stone Creek Coffee is a craft coffee roaster founded in 1993 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that employs an army of coffee geeks. They know that the best coffees are cultivated and developed through the direct relationships with farmers at origin and they are committed to building lasting relationships with their partners around the world. 

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